Biography-Related Organizations

Additional Resources: Biography-related Organizations

We’ve listed some of the organizations we regularly work with, as well as others whose missions overlap with ours. They are mostly New York-based but a few have larger terrains. Many of these sites also include Resources pages for researchers. Most of them also provide social media links on their homepages and/or links to join a newsletter or mailing list for updates (noted below).

Our partners, who co-sponsor Helly Lectures and other events:

The Center for the Study of Women and Society runs the MA and certificate programs in Women and Gender Studies at CUNY and publishes Women’s Studies Quarterly and a CSWS newsletter. The spring 2019 edition covered Honor and Alix’s Helly Lecture. You’ll find a list of their Events here.

CUNY’s Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) has pages for News and Events that often include our CUNY-affiliated members, like this interview with Blanche Wiesen Cook.

CUNY’s Center for the Humanities supports interdisciplinary public programs, a blog, and the James Gallery at the Graduate Center. You can subscribe to their newsletter from their home page or find News here.

The Leon Levy Center for Biography sponsors many events and fellowships. You’ll find their News here as well as a detailed Events page.

The Feminist Press at CUNY publishes books but also sponsors Events. You’ll find their News page here and if you scroll to the bottom of any page you’ll find a link to subscribe to their newsletter.

The CUNY PhD Program in English website has a link to their News.

The CUNY PhD Program in History website has links to their News and Events.

Other related organizations:

Biographers International Organization (BIO) runs an annual national conference, sponsors prizes (like the Hazel Rowley prize won in 2019 by Barbara Fisher), and publishes The Biographer’s Craft, where Dona Munker serves as their New York Correspondent. You can join here.

CUNY’s Gotham Center sponsors a podcast, a blog, and Events related to New York City’s history. You can subscribe to their newsletter on their homepage.

The Women’s National Book Association-NYC Chapter at Pace University publishes a blog and sponsors a wide range of contests and events, like the Brooklyn Book Festival. You can subscribe to their newsletter on their homepage and you can find a local chapter to join here.

Columbia’s Institute for Research on Women, Gender, and Sexuality (IRWAG) supports interdisciplinary feminist and queer scholarship with a blog and Events.

The New York Public Library offers research funding through the Cullman Center and other institutes as well as public programming on a wide range of topics. You’ll find their Events page here.

NYU’s Center for the Study of Transformative Lives often hosts biography-related events as well as courses related to life-writing. You can subscribe to their updates on their homepage.

Bellevue Literary Press publishes books at the intersection of the arts and science and sponsors Events and Community Outreach Programs. You can sign up for updates on their homepage and find their newsletters archived here.

Compiled by Victoria Olsen, June 2019.