Articles by Members

WWWL is happy to provide access to articles, particularly hard-to-find articles, on biography and memoir by members. This is a growing list, so check back soon.

Boylan, Alexis. “The Curious Case of the Two Mrs. Sloans.” Woman’s Art Journal. 33, no. 1 (2012): 25-31. (PDF)

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Culkin, Kate. “The Education of Ellen Tucker Emerson.” The New England Quarterly. 93, no. 1 (March 2020): 74-100.

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Peterson, Carla. “Subject to Speculation: Assessing the Lives of African-American Women in the Nineteenth Century.” Women Studies in Translations: The Pursuit of Interdisciplinarity. Edited by Kate Conway-Turner, Suzanne Cherrin, Jessica Schiffman, and Kathleen Doherty Turkel. Neward, DE: University of Delaware Press, 1998: 109-117 (PDF).

Phillips, Victoria. “Dancing Diplomacy: Martha Graham and the Strange Commodity of Cold-War Cultural Exchange is Asia, 1955-1974.” Dancing Chronicle, 33 (2010): 44-81.(PDF)

Phillips, Victoria. “Martha Graham’s Gilded Cage: Blood Memory-An Autobiography.” Dance Research Journal, 45, no. 2 (2013): 63-84. (PDF)

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