Application Procedure

Alix Kates Shulman, Diane Jacobs, Carla Peterson, and Bell Chevigny at the 2015 25th Anniversary Conference. Credit: Kate Culkin

The Steering Committee of WWWL welcomes applications for membership. We hold membership to seventy members living in the New York metropolitan area who are writing or have published biographical works about women or memoirs relating to the lives of women. WWWL maintains a waiting list when our roster of members is full. We consider membership applications at Steering Committee meetings. Qualified prospective members are cordially invited to emailĀ Barbara Fisher and ask to attend one session as a guest. Then, if interested, send Barbara an application via email within three months of attending as a guest. Please include your name and contact information along with a few informal paragraphs telling us something about yourself, what if anything you have published that is relevant to the subject of this seminar such as biography or memoir, what your current project is, why you want to join WWWL, and also what you believe you would contribute to WWWL.