Mission and Objectives

The places, cultures, and communities in which women live their lives change, as do women’s roles, status, interests, and opportunities. Our purpose as a group is to identify these changes, understand their impact, and explain and portray the complex realities of women’s lives. In researching and writing biographies of women, we hope to call attention to the reciprocal dynamics between our subjects and society, find new ways of looking at and presenting women’s stories, and ultimately influence the way women’s stories are perceived and written.

To encourage members’ projects, the Women Writing Women’s Lives Biography Seminar offers a forum in which to discuss approaches, methods, and themes. The seminar meets monthly, from October to May, to present work for discussion, share ideas, and hear about the work of outside presenters. Membership in the seminar is limited and by application only (select the Members tab to see the current list of members and their projects); the seminar also maintains a members-only listserv.